A Compensation Reduction?

A 25% reduction in the compensation of bishops in Districts 1-13 and all active General Officers would be a wrong strategic move. It will signal to the Church that presiding elders, pastors and other servants of the Church should have their compensation diminished regardless to the financial position of the institution.

Not every bishop or general officer is wealthy. Not every district and general office has access to available finances that will fill the gap. Will the great AME Family support a cut before we know the impact of the pandemic? Will we act on data supported facts or emotion driven conjecture? Will we get vital statistics for informed action at the General Board?

2 thoughts on “A Compensation Reduction?

  1. Bishop Leath, I agree with you. This is not the right approach. Personnel paid by the AME church should not be forced to take a 25% cut. This is a sad day in the life of our church.


  2. Have job responsibilities been reduced by 25% Typically, a “job review” is conducted to determine changes in job scope, key responsibilities, performance metrics, etc. prior to a change in salary. And, prior to a “job review”, an overall organizational assessment would be an appropriate place to start, if one has not been conducted in the past 30 days. Key questions to answer include: Has the strategic direction of the church changed? What are the new Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of the church? What is the appropriate organizational structure and span of control to achieve the new strategic direction? How will success be measured? What knowledge, skills and abilities are essential?…It would be nice to know the answers to at least these questions, before a salary reduction is implemented. What will happen if individuals affected by the 25% pay cut, indiscriminately stopped doing 25% of their jobs???


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