Double Dipping

February 2021 seems so long ago. Nonetheless, since I committed to the next post on Double Dipping, let me say very little to fulfil my commitment in anticipation of a much more important matter on tomorrow.

Double dipping is like when you receive funds/reimbursement for the same expense from multiple sources. An example: you are reimbursed for travel expenses to the same meeting by more than one entity. Of course, the cure I find most convenient is to take the one reimbursement and give it to the other reimbursing entity and receive actual reimbursement from just one source.

Those who know what I am saying, know. Those who do not follow are not missing much for the moment.

The bottom line for our denomination is that we raise money for institutions in our General Budget, and these entities are then the beneficiaries of assessments and fundraising from essentially the same source. In lean, changed times, we cannot afford to raise funds for entities which are capable of funding themselves by various means. Failure to change will only hasten our decline.

Tomorrow, some ideas on the Retirement Program crisis.

One thought on “Double Dipping

  1. In the military and in other federal agencies, double dipping is a crime. I have seen several colleagues ruin their careers because of double-dipping.

    And, while we are discussing double-dipping, we need to look at nepotism, which is unethical and can rise to the point of being immoral, especially when an incompetent and undeserving relative is unfairly promoted. Nepotism has the appearance of organizational unfairness!


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